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Pornspective has been developed purposely for porn collectors everywhere, allowing even the largest and most varied collections to be organised and searched with ease. A file explorer, a content explorer and media player all rolled into one and on steroids … that’s Pornspective!

A visually rich application with no boundaries

Make browsing content easy with an explorer built around thumbnails, filtering and tagging. With no more constraints around filing in folder structures, Pornspective brings all your content together into one place.

Browse by Actresses or Actors

Content tagged with people allows you to browse all media for that person regardless of where the files are stored. With a sophisticated tagging system at the heart of the application, Studios, Appearance, Positions and Action can all be tagged!

Purpose built integrated Media Player

A media player specifically designed for adult content with bookmarks, timed tagging and content playlists, all content is just a click away from being played. Prefer a different media player? No problem, Pornspective can launch other players too!


Tag Videos Using AI

Forget spending hours manually tagging your content, with the unique Artificial Intelligence application you can spend the time enjoying your collection and leave the hard work to the machines

State of the Art

Using the latest computer vision AI technology to identify objects, appearances and scene actions. A purpose built model has been trained and developed to detect taggable items from adult videos.

Multi-layered Intelligence

Pornspective adds additional logic to the AI results that increases the ability to detect the correct tags. Furthermore, the application has been built to allow further improvements to this fast paced technology to be added to the application with relative ease.


Netfliix style Browsers

Not sure what to watch? Use the inbuilt browsers to navigate through your collection in a way you’re probably already used to with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+


Plugin Framework

An underlying framework allows specialist plugins to be developed outside of the main application which can serve additional features such as online searching of content, descriptions and cover art. Plugins can also be used to extract metadata and information for studios and actresses or actors from well known adult websites making tag creation a simple and quick task.

Content Plugins

Never miss the release of your favourite actresses latest scene again! Content plugins enable Pornspective to connect to popular streaming sites and search for videos on the internet. Depending on the website, plugins can either allow for direct downloads or simply link to the content. Essentially Pornspective becomes a one stop show for searching many sites at once.

Tag Plugins

Creating actress and studio tags has never been easier with tag plugins. These plugins connect directly to actress and studio info sites which means Pornspective can search and extract the information it needs to create a tag. This includes actress data and fan art. Further more these plugins support the DropZone feature making tag create as simple as drag and drop!

Metadata Plugins

Metadata plugins are for those super fans who like to collect the cover art for their content. These plugins connect directly to well known adult dvd sites and extract art work aswell as synopsis, titles and other useful information.

Coming Soon … Developer SDK

Why wait for Pornspective to develop plugins for your favourite websites. Coming soon, a Developer SDK will allow those with Microsoft .NET development skills to contribute to the plugins. The SDK will be detailed on the website with some working examples and documentation, plus a test application to ensure the plugin meets the necessary standards.


What They Say

How do I get Pornspective?

If you’d like to support the development of Pornspective and become a subscriber then head over to and receive a personal license key. If you subscribe for 12 months or more then you’ll receive a lifetime key!


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Age Verification

Here at Pornspective we love everything about porn and want you to enjoy it too, however you must be 18 or over to view our site which has images of an adult nature.