Getting Started: Basic Controls

Once you’ve fired up the application and done your first scan you’ll see your videos listed in the Results Panel. With only a handful of videos it might not seem that powerful, but start adding hundreds and you’ll see the benefits of Pornspective!

I’m not a fan of lots of mouse clicks, I love applications where you learn shortcuts and the whole application feels like its at your fingertips. Pornspective is not exception, I’ve added many shortcuts to enable to to quickly interact with the application and start browsing and watching your content.


Sorting can be done using the top right drop down. There are several options to choose from and all well explained through their titles within the sort drop down box. Choosing a sort order will automatically sort in that order until you choose a different sort method.

If you are simply wanting to browse your collection, then choosing a Random sort is a great way of creating a lucky dip and unearthing some of the content you may have not seen in while.


Filtering and searching is the key feature of Pornspective, I guess otherwise you’d not be able to find what you’re looking for! Filtering and searching couldn’t be easier or faster. Using the Filter Panel is very easy and a super fast way of drilling down through your content.

Check a Tag on the left to filter. Uncheck it again to un-filter. Tags will appear or be hidden depending on the content that has been filtered, therefore Tags will only appear in the filter panel if one or more of the results contain the Tag.


Enter a search text in the Search box (top of screen) to search for a file. Search box can be used for more than just text searches for example :- 

Rating: Type R > 8 or Rating > 8 will show all with rating above 8 

Time/Length: Type T > 90mins or T > 2hrs will show all that are longer than the time specified. 

Size: Type S > 2GB or S > 200MB will show all files bigger than the size specified. 

Of course you can use < or > or = in any of the above examples. 

Note that if you’ve plugins loaded and enabled you can also select the Plugin from the new drop down box that appears next to the search box. This allows you to search online content directly, preview and if you wish, download.

Basic Shortcuts

The following are some very useful shortcuts that will make you fly through Pornspective!

  • UP and DOWN arrow will move up and down the list, showing the screen shots as you cycle through.
  • LEFT and RIGHT arrow will move through the thumbnails of the selected content. If you hit SPACE it’ll select that thumbnail as default for the video. Remember to save though after you’re editing a few!
  • ENTER key will open the media player.
  • CTRL-E will bring up the Media Editor (file rename and tagging of the selected content) 
  • CTRL-B will open the Bookmark Editor for the selected content. 
  • CTRL-X will open the Thumbnail Editor for the selected content.
  • CTRL-A will show the Associated Tags Chooser based on the selected content. 
  • CTRL-S will save you collection.
  • CTRL-Z will remove any filters that are currently on. 
  • CTRL-W will open the Windows Explorer for the selected content’s file folder.

    All of the above shortcuts can also be actioned through buttons that appear on the user interface, however over the button to see what it does.

Other Screen References

Throughout my guides I’ll refer to screens by names, the following screenshots show these screens within the application and the naming I’ve given them.

How do I get Pornspective?

If you’d like to support the development of Pornspective and become a subscriber then head over to and receive a personal license key. If you subscribe for 12 months or more then you’ll receive a lifetime key!


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Age Verification

Here at Pornspective we love everything about porn and want you to enjoy it too, however you must be 18 or over to view our site which has images of an adult nature.