Getting Started: Tags

Tags are the heart of the application. The more time you spend setting these up, the better the application will be for you! I’ll also cover some pitfalls and recommendations in this section. 

Tags can be anything from an Actress, Actor or Studio, through to an Appearance, Action, or even info about the year, media or custom categories. This is why they are the most powerful part of Pornspective. Furthermore Tags can be linked to one another though inheritance, for example Riley Reid inherits Brunette, Tattoos and USA. So any content with Riley Reid will automatically inherit those additional tags. Double Penetration could inherit Anal as another example. Hopefully you get the idea!

Step 1: Tag concepts

Tags are stored against content in several ways. They can simply be detected through paths and titles, for example a folder called “Riley Reid” or a filename starting or containing “Riley Reid”. They can be coded in the title i.e. (DP,Anal,BJ), or they can be kept purely within Pornspective as metadata. I recommend though you try to do as much through paths, titles and coded tags as this means your underlying files contain all this information in the name and benefit other apps you might use to browse your collection. Alternatively if you really don’t want Pornspective to change the names of your files then you can specify this when choosing locations to scan (more about that later though).

Step 2: View, Edit and Create Tags

To view, edit and create Tags, click the ACTIONS menu and then choose Edit Tags, or simply hit Ctrl+T. Here you’ll be presented with a list of tags filtered by category (top left drop down). Choose a tag to edit, let’s start with People type tags.

Step 3: Tag Basics

The Edit Tag screen will give you plenty of flexibility in terms of how you want to specify and search for the tag. Starting with the basics, each Tag must have a Name and be placed in a Group i.e. People, Studios, etc. This will determine what additional features are available against the Tag. Unless you wish to code People or Studios (not recommended) then the Code should simply be the same as the Title. If you check Show in Chooser then the person will show in the People Chooser available on the main screen, it is recommended this is checked for either for all people or at least your favourites.

Step 4: Search Section

The search Tag section (search icon tab), lists out all of the search options for the Tag. The following explains each.

  • Search Tokens
    This is the list on the right hand side and is ideal for aliases, or other stage names or even different ways to mean the same thing. i.e. Riley Reid might have “Riley Reed” or other AKAs. Anal might have AssFuck as an example. It is really important though to not add common texts to search token as it will mean unwanted Tags. For example don’t just have “Riley” as there are many actresses called Riley. Be careful of this when importing tags from plugins as they’ll likely have aliases that are common and should be removed.
  • Search Code
    This looks for the code specified in Code which appears between brackets in the title. For example (BJ, Anal, DP). Codes should be kept short. It is not recommended checking this for People or Studios.
  • Search Title
    This will search the filename for occurrences of the Tag Name or any Search Tokens.
  • Strip Title
    This is not used often but can remove the Tag Name from the title of the content (doesn’t rename the file, simply removes it so that Pornspective doesn’t show it). The reason for this is you may have prefixed all files with “Riley Reid” as part of your organising and now that it’s got Riley Reid as a Tag you don’t need it to appear in the Title.
  • Search Path
    Similar to Search Title, this will search the entire path (folders) for occurrences of the Tag Name or any Search Tokens.
  • Search Metadata
    For some content, i.e. metadata such as keywords, synopsis are available. This option will check metadata for occurrences of the Tag Name or any Search Tokens.

Step 5: Inherit Tags Section

The inherit Tag section (tag icon tab), allows you to specify Tags that can be automatically associated with the Tag you are editing. For example Riley Reid might have Tattoos, Brunette, USA. Double Penetration will automatically mean Anal. It is recommended you use this as much as you can as it will really assist with the overall maintenance and admin. Obviously you’ll need to create the Tags to inherit from, so it might be you come back to this area once you’ve set up all your Appearance, Country tags etc.

Step 6: Portrait and Fan Art Section

Your Pornspective will come to life with nicely chosen art work (image icon tab). I can’t stress enough how spending some time on this will make you really see the benefits of Pornspective and how it presents the content. Ideally every tag should have a Portrait and a Fan Art image. You’ll get the hang of choosing the right type of imagery for these by having a good play. Pornspective helps by including an Image selector tool which allows you to crop, rotate and size the image just right for what Pornspective needs. The Portrait image will appear in several places through out the application, the fan art will appear for the Tag Detail screen (more of that later).

Step 7: Plugin Section

Ignore this for the moment as this has yet to be fully implemented in v2. The premise of the setting though is to enable Pornspective to search plugins automatically and notify you if there is new content for that person or studio. It will be introduced in a later version of v2.

Step 8: People Metadata Section

For People Tags, this section appears (person icon tab) and hopefully is self explanatory. It contains all of the data you might wish to associate with a person such as size, height, nationality etc. You can link this to inherited tags i.e. Small, Short (however I’ll explain that in an advanced settings section later).

Step 9: People and Studio Links Section

Finally, there is a links section for People and Studios. This allows you to specify any links to websites, social media etc. Often this information is imported through the plugins so you don’t need to worry about adding it. Links will then appear on Tag Detail screens to give you direct links to websites, twitter etc.

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