Getting Started: Plugins

Plugins are my way of introducing functionality within the application that can easily be modified, added to or very specific for a particular task. This leaves the main application nice and clean from any bespoke features. Plugins can be used to export data from websites, such as actress details. Plugins can also be used to find new content such as videos on the web. Therefore plugins enabling plugins right from the off is highly recommended!

Step 1: Enabling Plugins

Enabling Plugins right away are encouraged as it will make creating tags so much easier for actresses and studios. To do this, click the ACTIONS menu and then choose Edit Plugins, or simply hit Ctrl+G. This will give you a list of plugins which you can enable. As a minimum, enable the PornTeenGirl Actresses and keep the defaults. Save the settings by clicking the Save icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 2: Trying Plugin features

To see how a plugin works, you can now click the Home icon at the top left of the main screen. This will take you to the classic home of Pornspective. At the moment you’ll have not content, but that’s fine. On the search drop down at the top of the screen (where it says Search Pornspective), choose PornTeenGirl Actresses and search for an actress i.e. Monika. The system will go and search the PornTeenGirl site for this. You can view more information, download the tag or visit the site from the results. As we are taking information from these sites I recommend you do visit them regularly and use them generally so we are playing fairly with extracting the data!

Step 3: Downloading from Plugins

You can select those tags you wish to download and they’ll be highlighted. When ready click the Download button. As an alternative you can also browse the PornTeenGirl website and copy the address of the actress you wish to add. Paste this into Pornspective by click the paste icon on the Paste Drag and Drop zone, or simply hit Ctrl+V. Either way, you’ll now be prompted with the Tag Importer screen where you’ll have to choose whether to Skip, Create or Merge each tag. Obviously when getting started you’ll be Creating most of the time! You’ll notice the ability to edit a Tag at this point, I’ll cover that though in the next section. Choose Create for those actresses you’ve downloaded and the apply button on the bottom right (tick icon). This will import the tags into your Tag list and save them.

How do I get Pornspective?

If you’d like to support the development of Pornspective and become a subscriber then head over to and receive a personal license key. If you subscribe for 12 months or more then you’ll receive a lifetime key!


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